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CDR Report Writing

We are the best provider of CDR writing services to migrant engineers in Australia. Our team of experienced professional engineers, who specialize in your engineering profession, will craft a custom-made CDR report that meets all the requirements set by Engineers Australia. With many years of expertise in the area, we are confident that our expert writers can provide you with the best possible CDR report.

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What is the CDR Report for Australia?

A competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is a document that needs to be prepared and submitted by applicants to Engineers Australia who wish to migrate to Australia as engineers. It is a report of their engineering knowledge and experience that demonstrates their engineering qualifications, skills, and expertise to the assessing authority in Australia. The components of a CDR include a career episode, three career episodes outlining the applicant’s engineering experience, and a summary statement.

A Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is required when an engineer has qualifications that are not accredited. This document is used to prove their competencies to get a Skilled Migration visa for Australia. Engineers Australia requires a well-written CDR to show the assessor their communication skills. A poorly written CDR may reduce one’s chances of settling down in Australia, according to the Migration Skills Assessment Booklet. It is important to write a professional and well-structured CDR to ensure that all the competencies are demonstrated in the best way possible.

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Things to include in the CDR report

It is important to understand that filing a CDR Report is not the only requirement for Australian immigration. Other than the CDR, you must also provide:

  • an approved document
  • a self-signed application to prove your true motivations
  • scans of your academic records from high school and college
  • a CV, a CPD certificate, an IELTS certificate if needed, three Career Episode Reports (CERs), and a written overview of your abilities and skill sets.

All of these are necessary for your CDR to be presented to Australian immigration officials.

Steps in Preparation of CDR

In order to be successful in their CDR report preparation, applicants must provide evidence of their technical engineering knowledge and its application to their nominated occupation. The evaluation will be based on the ANZSCO and graduate competency standards.

In order to apply for engineering occupation, you will need to submit the following documents:In order to apply for engineering occupation, you will need to submit the following documents:


Personal information

  • passport size photo
  • identification ID
  • proof of name change (i.e. marriage certificate)
  • CV, and an English language competency test.


Application Information

Applicants should complete the application form on the Engineers Australia website. They should be mindful when opting for an occupational classification from the ANZSCO job database.



  • Academic certificates, transcripts, etc.
  • Mention all the engineering qualifications
  • Mention ongoing educational programs if applicable
  • Include your enrollment letter



  • Evidence of employment
  • Evidence of the job experience
  • Translation and the original language document
  • Translations should be done by a certified translator.

Why is CDR Report Important?

Competency demonstration reports are important because they provide a comprehensive overview of an individual’s knowledge, skills, and experience. The report outlines how an individual has met the required standards for a particular profession, making it easier for EA to assess their suitability for a certain role or task. The report also helps EA quickly identify a candidate’s key strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, this report provides a valuable tool for employers to evaluate potential employees in the future.

Engineers Australia (EA) must approve the CDR Report for an engineer to get a skilled migration visa for Australia. This report carries substantial importance and if it does not adhere to the EA’s instructions, it will be denied. Writing the CDR from scratch carries many potential pitfalls, especially if you are inexperienced and unfamiliar with the EA’s regulations. An expert CDR writing service like ours can be of great assistance in such a situation.

We understand the complexity of creating a quality CDR Report that satisfies EA’s standards. Our professional writers are well-versed in EA’s rules and regulations and will make sure that your application meets all the requirements.